Most frequent questions and answers

Do an interview of your own yiayia, pappou, or any elder that you can do!

Everyone has interesting stories, let’s try to capture some of them..

You can view the videos below or on the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood youtube channel.

Until we get more subscribers to this new channel and can update the name, it is this: 


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They should generally be over 65ish, and part of the Ikarian community. 

They do not need to have grandkids or any kids at all.

Get someone to do the video. You only need a phone, tablet or can even do this on Zoom. 

Then, edit it. There are simple editing tools that are free and widely available, such as iMovie. 

Then, just upload it here: 


How? To do you own, pick up your phone/tablet/or even just Zoom with your interviewee.

Or, yell at your kids or nieces/nephews to help you.