Published four times a year, Ikaria Magazine is a comprehensive publication read by informed and involved members and Greek community leaders. It covers chapter news, cultural events, foundation business, and highlights Icarians from around the world on adventures and internships, serving their nation or community, practicing a sport or hobby, visiting unique or historic places, dancing, playing music or simply living life. Over 1,600 copies are mailed to households, and many others read the online edition.

Ikara Magazine is supported by the Pan-Icarian Foundation and the Supreme Lodge of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood, both of which are non-profit organizations. A sponsorship ad in Ikaria Magazine will help your organization gain brand recognition and visibility within the Greek Community at home and abroad.

Choose from two sizes; half-page or quarter-page. Ads may include seasonal greetings, a logo, tagline, photo, and/or a general reference or brand representing an organization, and family tributes. Please, no sales of specific products or services.

All ads are subject to review and approval by the editor. The Pan-Icarian Brotherhood reserves the right to reject content or images that violate the organization’s editorial guidelines and will not display any logo, mark, banner, or other visual display provided by or on behalf of the Sponsor, that contains a comparative or qualitative description of Sponsor’s product or business, any message that otherwise endorses Sponsor’s product or induces one to purchase or use Sponsor’s product, or any message that causes Sponsor’s payments to not be treated as “qualified sponsorships payments” as the term is defined in Section 513(i) of the Internal Revenue Code and related regulations. All artwork must be received by the editor’s posted deadlines.