September 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you all for electing me as Supreme President of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America. It truly is an honor and privilege to serve this great organization. My fellow Supreme Lodge Officers and I promise to continue the traditions of our strong Ikarian heritage and culture, work with all members to enhance our mission and philanthropic endeavors and prepare ourselves for the future challenges we will face together.  

I would like to introduce and congratulate the newly elected 2019-2020 Supreme Lodge members, and thank them for their dedication and commitment to the Brotherhood: Cathy Pandeladis – Supreme Vice President; Katerina Mavrophilipos – Supreme Secretary; Evangelos J. Fragos – Supreme Treasurer; Maria Vardaros – Legal Counsel; George Livanos – Scholarship Chair; Chrissa Lefes – Governor District
1; George Karnavas – Governor District 2; Stelios Alexander – Governor District 3; Steve Stratakos – Governor District 4; Alexandra Katsas – Governor District 5; Sissi Makris – Governor District 6; and Yianni Fragos – Youth Governor District 7. I know they will serve the Brotherhood well, and I look forward to working with them all!

 I would also like to congratulate the Spanos-Areti Chapter and Convention Committee for hosting a beautiful and successful Supreme Convention. Their preparedness and warm Ikarian hospitality made the Convention run smoothly and created lasting memories for all who attended.  For those members who were unable to attend this past Supreme Convention, you were greatly missed, and I hope you can join us in Toronto, Canada for the 2020 Supreme Convention.  The minutes from the Detroit convention are currently being finalized and will be included in the next edition of “Ikaria Magazine”.

The National Convention is an important component in preserving our strong Ikarian heritage and the success of the Brotherhood overall. To better understand your thoughts and feelings, and how to make future conventions even better, the Supreme Lodge initiated a Members Survey. Through this online survey, members can provide feedback and comments on aspects of the convention that you liked/disliked or would like to see included. To participate in the short survey, please visit the following weblink:

As a reminder, submissions for the next edition of Ikaria Magazine needs to be submitted by October 1st. Submissions can be sent to our magazine editor, Mary Deschamp, at [email protected]. I look forward to the next edition and encourage everyone to submit their content to further enhance our great publication.

The many accomplishments that the Brotherhood has made over the years is a testament to the love and passion each of our members have for the Island of Ikaria and our heritage.  While we can admire the past, we must continue to work for the future.  I encourage everyone to remain actively engaged in this great organization and work with your local Chapter and Supreme Lodge Officers to bring new ideas and visions to enhancing the Brotherhood.  

Thank you again for your trust and support, and I look forward to working with you all this upcoming year.

Fraternally Yours,

Damianos T. Skaros
Supreme President
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America “Icaros”