Pan Icarian President's Monthly News Message

October 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 year for the Brotherhood! As we start a new year, I would like to thank the membership for entrusting me with the honor of being the Supreme President of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America. It is a privilege to have this responsibility and I hope to continue the good work of those before me. Apologies for this being the first newsletter of the year, I went to Ikaria after the convention for most of September. 

I would like to introduce the new and remaining members of the Lodge: Evangelos Fragos – Supreme Vice–President, Steve Stratakos – Supreme Secretary, Demetra Tsantes – Supreme Treasurer/database manager, Evangelos N. Karoutsos – Legal Counsel, Manny Lakios – Governor District 1, Sophia Facaros – Governor District 2, Athena Lakerdas – Governor District 3, Yianni Fragos – Governor District 4, Demosthenes C. Yiakas – Governor District 5, Isidoros Kyrlangitses- Governor District 6, and Theodore Poulos – Youth Governor.   

I would also like to thank Past Supreme President Cathy Pandeladis, Eleni Skezas, Hrisoula Mavrophilipos, Evangelia Spithas Fresty, Chris Tripodis, Bryan Gittings, and Yianni Frangos for their prior service to the Brotherhood.

We give a large thanks and huge congratulations to Chapter Atheras for hosting a very successful and fun convention, they did a great job and should be commended. I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves. There are souvenirs available to be ordered at Those who did not attend were missed, but we hope to see you at the 2024 Atlanta convention. The draft minutes from the business meetings will be in the next issue of the magazine for all who are interested.

We will hold an in-person Supreme Lodge meeting on December 9, 2023, in Chicago where the 2025 convention will be held. If anyone wants to attend the meeting, please contact me for details. Also, if anyone has any topics or concerns for the Lodge, please let us know before the meeting.

Check out the ‘News’ Section of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Website ( for the many upcoming chapter events that will happen in November and a lovely recap of the Philadelphia Convention. Don’t forget the deadline for the next magazine submission is November 1st ( email [email protected]

Please let the Supreme Lodge if you or your chapter needs anything, we are always here to help and provide assistance. 

Thank you,
Katerina Mavrophilipos
Supreme President of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America