October 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Since my last correspondence, the Supreme Lodge has been working diligently to maintain our momentum and work with individual Chapters to further enhance the Brotherhood. Our first Supreme Lodge meeting of the fiscal year will held on November 2, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. Following our meeting, many of the lodge officers will be attending the VI Chembithes 2 nd Annual Ikarian Glendi in neighboring Akron. I hope to see you at these two events and discuss the future plans for our great organization.

New Chapter Officer Positions
At the 2019 National Convention, two new positions were proposed for each Chapter to help communication and content submissions. We ask that Chapters work to appoint a member for each of these positions. The positions are:

– Youth Officer: This position was created in an attempt to have the youth members become more involved in Chapter business, while also serving as the primary point of contact for youth events and announcements.

A Chapter’s Youth Officer will work directly with the Youth Governor in recruiting members, coordinating delegates for future Youth Conferences, and spreading the news on events held throughout the year.

– Content Manager:  This position will work directly with our webmaster and social media team to submit chapter content, event notifications, and pictures to the various technology platforms the Brotherhood has available to its members.  The hope is that by having a single point of contact for each chapter, we will be better equipped to enhance our technological capabilities.

These positions will significantly help our mission statement and the future of the Brotherhood. If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact your Chapter President or District Governor for more information.

Ikarian Firefighter’s Assistance
I’m happy to report that the equipment the Brotherhood purchased for the Ikarian Fire Brigade of Raches has been delivered. Thank you once again for your support to this worthy cause. Additionally, the Supreme Lodge has been working with the Agios Fire Brigade on a similar request, which we hope to have fulfilled in the near future.

Ikarian Archives
The Brotherhood still needs your Icarian memorabilia, photographs, letters, and other items so that we can preserve them for generations to come. If you have any items that you’d like to add to our archives, please mail or e-mail scanned copies directly to me and we will include them within our Archives Center, which is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the spirit of Halloween, I’d like to end this message by encouraging everyone to learn more about the island of Ikaria. While well known for its beautiful landscapes, longevity, and warm Ikarian hospitality; there are stories of great mystery, legend, and a few ghost stories that surround the island as well. 

The island’s ties to mythology, pirates, and buried treasurer are a few of the many stories I vividly remember my father and uncle telling around this time of year. These stories are a part of our heritage, which are handed down from generation to generation while also bringing us together. So this Halloween, my hope is that you inquire or share some of the history and folklore that Ikaria has to offer!

Fraternally Yours,

Damianos T. Skaros
Supreme President
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America “Icaros”