Pan Icarian President's Monthly News Message

March 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kαλή σαρακοστή! I hope you have all entered this Lenten season in good health and happiness. Spring has sprung for the brotherhood! Chapter Atheras kicked us off earlier this month by hosting the Supreme Lodge’s second annual meeting in conjunction with their annual Ikariotiko apokriatiko dance. The lodge thanks them for their hospitality and all the dancing! Another essential spring celebration – Greek Independence Day! I know you all represented or will represent our beautiful island and organization proudly with your area’s parades and events. Be sure to submit your photos, videos, and posts so that they can be shared on our social media and website. Please @panicarian as a “collaborator” on the post. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Spring-cleaning request! The lodge is asking all past Supreme presidents and past Supreme executive boards to go through any previous documents, files, records, drives, old papers, etc. and please send them to us. There is a lot of historical information that we require and would like to make sure it is safely saved. The digital document libraries we are developing will help us complete our duties and ensure continuity for future brotherhood leaders. 

Spring also means the start of summer planning – so book your flights and reserve your rooms! Chapter #23 Langada is in high gear convention planning mode for the 2024 Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Please visit their convention website at to purchase an Ad, raffle tickets, events tickets, and more! We want Langada and the brotherhood to have a successful convention, this is our organization’s livelihood, and the key to ensure our future. 

The 2024 annual Youth Leadership Conference will be June 14 – 16 hosted by Chapter #2 V.I. Chembithes in Akron, Ohio! Please send 2 youth members from your chapter and any additional non-delegates are also welcome. The registration form can be located here:, fill out 1 form per delegate, and forms are due no later than April 15, 2024. Please let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions. They are planning some amazing events along with their annual lamb roast! This is an essential component and pivotal event for the brotherhood and the lodge would like all chapters represented. Email our Youth Governor, Teddy Poulos at [email protected] with any questions. For anyone interested in participating as a Youth Member, please reach out to be added to our email distribution list. Check out the website and follow the Facebook page Pan-Icaria Youth

We are encouraging chapters to begin offering membership automatic subscription renewal. This will allow membership to automatically renew instead of having to collect dues every year. A win-win for our members, the chapters, and the brotherhood! Please contact your District Governor, Membership Chair, or Supreme Treasurer for further information. As a resource, here is a how-to tutorial on our website:

As always, please let the Supreme Lodge know if you or your chapter needs anything, we are always here to help. The Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Website ( is a wonderful resource to find events, donate, renew membership, and more. Please continue to inform us of any events, news, or fundraisers you’d like to share on our website or social media outlets. If you are not already doing so please follow us at

Earlier this week an email was sent out on the risk of spam and phishing, please be vigilant and safe. Reach out directly to me if there is ever a question on the validity of an email request at [email protected].

Thank you,
Katerina Mavrophilipos
Supreme President of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America