August 2021

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I look forward to seeing you all this coming weekend at the National Convention in Cleveland!  Our Cleveland chapter has planned a great convention, one certain to make it a memorable event for us all.  Following such a challenging year I believe that this convention is just what we need as an organization to regroup and begin setting plans for our future.  Through your support and participation, we can take the Brotherhood to even greater heights.

As my time as Supreme President begins to sunset, I’d like to thank you once again for the great deal of trust that you have placed in me by electing me to this position.  It has been a humbling experience to serve the Brotherhood, one that I hold close to my heart.  All of the work and accomplishments of the Brotherhood has truly been a team effort and I’d like to thank the Supreme Lodge and Foundation members for their help, dedication and commitment.  

My hope is that my efforts have helped to preserve our strong Ikarian culture and heritage; and inspired others to become more actively involved in local chapter and national office roles.  In order to ensure that the Brotherhood is preserved for future generations, we must all continue to stay connected and engaged. 

While this is my last presidential message to you, I promise to remain actively involved in the Brotherhood and support future lodge officers in any way that I am able.  It has been a true honor and pleasure to serve you these past three years and I am eternally grateful.

Fraternally Yours,

Damianos T. Skaros
Supreme President
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America “Icaros”