August 2018

Pan-Icarian Brotherhood
President’s Message August 2018

The oldest Hellenic organization in the Western Hemisphere
Founded in 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from New York! I hope you are making the most of what is left of summer. As we are a few days from the 2018 Supreme Convention, I want to make sure I provide you with some important updates and reminders.

New Chapter – Aetheras Summit SW No. 30

Join me in welcoming our newest Chapter to the Brotherhood, Chapter–Aetheras Summit SW No. 30 in Denver, Colorado. This is very exciting news and a historical moment. It proves that we continue to flourish and are in good shape as we navigate into the future. The Chapter’s new board is as follows: Maria Mantas, President; Mary Glaros Mavronicolas, Vice-President; Elizabeth Beach, Secretary and George Pardos, Treasurer. Several of the officers will be joining us at the upcoming convention. While at the convention, take the time to meet and welcome them to the family.

I want to thank PSP and Foundation Director Sonja Stafanadis for all her efforts on helping the Chapter organize. Her commitment, support and love for the Brotherhood has no limits and for that I am forever grateful.

Membership/Per Capita/Delegate & Chapter Officer Forms

With the 2018 Supreme Convention quickly approaching, please submit your dues to your local chapter as soon as possible. Chapters, please make sure you submit your per capita before the convention officially begins to Supreme Treasurer Katerina Mavrophilipos. The Convention Delegate and Chapter Officer forms also need to be submitted to Supreme Secretary, Cathy Pandeladis. ?It is important to submit everything to ensure that all necessary information is available by the start of the convention.

Washington D.C. Convention

I want to extend a big congratulation to the Lefkas Chapter for their diligent work on organizing what is sure to be a great convention. Please note that before canceling reserved hotel rooms, please contact George Moratis at [email protected] or 703-774-6180. The Chapter is trying to accommodate members that may have yet to reserve or need extra rooms at the convention hotel.

While I know Washington D.C. will offer many venues for you to explore, if you are a delegate please make sure to attend some of the meetings. Participating as a delegate allows you to chime in on whatever topic you deem important and to have a voice in key decisions of the Brotherhood, including planning and initiatives for the upcoming year.

Catastrophic Wildfires in Greece

As you may already know, the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America and Foundation is appealing to all members and friends for assistance in responding to the terrible loss of life and property from the wildfires in the suburbs of Athens and the surrounding communities.

The fires have claimed over ninety lives and have injured many more. Thousands have lost their homes.?The destruction is a national tragedy. This horrific catastrophe has spurred us to respond with humanitarian and economic assistance, so we can?help save lives and rebuild communities on the ground.

The Pan-Icarian Brotherhood has a long and proud tradition of coming together to help people in need. For our fundraising effort to be successful, it is crucial that each chapter and member participate. Let’s keep this spirit of philanthropy alive by donating to this worthy cause and helping our brothers and sisters in Greece.

Two methods of donations are accepted:

Pan-Icarian Foundation
PO Box 79037
Pittsburgh, PA 15216-0037
(Checks should be made payable to: Pan-Icarian Foundation and make a note on the check that this is for the “Wildfire Relief Campaign”. Your donations ARE tax deductible.)


Credit card donations can be made through our PIB PayPal account:

Click on the + Comment and then write Wildfire Relief Campaign.

(Please note that donations made via PayPal are NOT tax deductible.)

Goodbye but not Farewell

This is my last presidential newsletter, and I want you to know that all our success this year as a Brotherhood has been a true team effort. There are many people that I would like to thank.

First, I want to recognize my fellow Supreme Lodge members for all their hard work and dedication Supreme Vice President Damianos Skaros, Supreme Secretary Cathy Pandeladis, Supreme Treasurer Katerina Mavrophilipos and Supreme Counselor Maria Vardaros. I would also like to thank our District Governors Chrissa Lefes, George Karnavas, Steve Stratakos, Evangelos Fragos, Alexandra Katsas, Nick Skaros and our Youth Governor Erica Aivaliotis. I also want to thank Foundation Chairman George Horiates and the Board for working closely with the Lodge this past year for the common good of our Brotherhood. I also want to recognize Ikaria Magazine Editor Mary Achedaftey Deschamps, Scholarship Chairman James Lakerdas, Webmaster Dean Tripodes and our Social Media Committee – Katie Kefalos and Rainia Lardas.

Lastly, I want to thank all the Chapter officers and members of the Brotherhood for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. The effort and commitment that you provide is exactly why our great organization continues to thrive!

It has been a true honor and pleasure to serve you these past two years. You placed a great deal of trust in me by electing me to be your Supreme President, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you soon at the Convention!

Fraternally yours,

George Paralemos
Supreme President
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America