Pan Icarian President's Monthly News Message

April 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kαλή Aναστάση! While celebrating Easter with your families tomorrow, start discussing convention travel plans as well! Chapter #23 Langada is excited you host you all for the 2024 Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. Convention hotel rooms are starting to book up, so don’t miss out. Visit the convention website to purchase an Ad, raffle tickets, events tickets, and more! Please get those Ads for the album submitted! We want Langada and the brotherhood to have a successful convention, this is our organization’s livelihood, and the key to ensure our future. Chapter presidents should be on the lookout for delegate registration forms, they will be going out soon and will also be available digitally. 

Our Membership Drive goes hand in hand with the convention in order to capture the accurate annual membership number and delegate voting strength. Our goal is to have all members pay their Chapter dues by June 2024.  The Per Capita Chapter dues can be sent to Supreme Treasurer Demetra Tsantes no later than July 1, 2024. We are offering an incentive to the Chapter that submits the greatest percentage of dues based on their last year’s Chapter Membership numbers and the Chapter with the greatest increase in numbers based on last year’s numbers. Membership is the brotherhood’s bread and butter; let’s all encourage each other! Reach out to our Membership Drive Chairperson Chrissa Lefes with any questions.

We have over 20 youth delegates registered for the 2024 annual Youth Leadership Conference hosted by Chapter #2 V.I. Chembithes in Akron, Ohio! While delegate registration is closed, the weekend is still open for all to join the lamb roast. Please RSVP to [email protected] if you plan to attend. The youth are starting to plan their annual Ikaria service project. If you will be in Ikaria this summer and would like to volunteer your time please consider filling out the 2024 Summer Service Project – Availability Survey. Email our Youth Governor, Teddy Poulos at [email protected] with any questions. For anyone interested in participating as a Youth Member, please reach out to be added to our email distribution list. Check out the website and follow the Facebook page Pan-Icaria Youth

The Supreme Lodge will hold our 3rd meeting of the year on June 1st, 2024, in Boston, MA, hosted by our newest chapter, Chapter Kountouma of New England. Reach out to the lodge if you are interested in attending or if you have any business you would like us to discuss. As always, please let the Supreme Lodge know if you or your chapter needs anything, we are always here to help. The Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Website ( is a wonderful resource to find events, donate, renew membership, and more. Please continue to inform us of any events, news, or fundraisers you’d like to share on our website or social media outlets. If you are not already doing so please follow us at and

Thank you,
Katerina Mavrophilipos
Supreme President of Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America