April 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that you and your family are well and staying safe.  I would like to thank you again for your commitment and dedication to the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America “Icaros”.  Though this past year has been difficult for us all, there is a distinct and encouraging shift in our battle against the pandemic.  While we must continue to remain diligent in our efforts, I am happy to report that chapters around the nation are beginning to make plans to gather (responsibly) once again.  In fact, the Supreme Lodge will be hosting an in-person meeting on May 23rd, as we attend Chapter Lefkas’ annual picnic.  We are looking forward to seeing our fellow members once again and encourage others to inform the lodge of any upcoming events, so that we can attend and support you.

2021 National Convention – Cleveland, Ohio

As we draw closer to this year’s National Convention, which will be held September 3rd – 6th in Cleveland, Ohio; many exciting events and activities have already been planned to make it very memorable.  After a year of isolation, I know we are all excited to finally see our fellow Ikarian brothers and sister once again!

I encourage all who plan on attending this year’s convention to make their hotel reservations as soon as possible, as limited occupancy remains within the current group block.  I also ask that whether you choose to attend this year’s convention or not, that you consider submitting a convention album journal entry.  The convention album is an important fundraising tool for the convention, and instrumental in its success.  More information on hotel accommodations and album submissions can be found on the convention website: www.icarianconvention2021.com

2021 Memberships

A strong membership base has always been the foundation of the Brotherhood and the key to our success as an organization.  While last year’s membership numbers were greatly impacted due to the pandemic and our inability to gather, this year we hope to boost membership and reestablish our base.  By staying actively involved and supporting the Brotherhood now, we can thrive for future generations.  We hold the key to our longevity, so please submit as soon as possible.

Remember, you can submit memberships through our website (https://pan-icarian.commembership), or by mailing a check to Supreme Treasurer Evangelos Fragos (8101 Yellow Daisy Drive, Wilmington, NC 28412).

As we gather with family and loved ones during the Easter holiday, I ask that you reflect on the Brotherhood and how it helps us maintain our strong Ikarian heritage, culture, and identify.  Discussing our mission as an organization and establishing goals for the future is how we will keep our great organization a major part of our lives both now and for generations to come.

Kalo Pascha!

Fraternally Yours,

Damianos T. Skaros
Supreme President
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America “Icaros”