Philharmonic Orchestra Icaria Band Fund

The Philharmonic Orchestra is not an active project of the Foundation. Almost all the money raised for the band was through memorial and matching donations for Alexandra Koklanaris in 2013. It was a one time fundraiser.

Chris Daly (Daskalelis), born on the island of Kerkyra, never visited Icaria and yet was spear heading an effort to revamp the musical band of Ayios Kyrikos from his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Fullerton. The Ayios Kyrikos band was established in 1924 but in the past ten years has fallen on hard times due to a lack of financial support according to Dimitris Kontaxopoulos, president of the Friends of the Icarian Philharmonic Association.

Mr. Daly always felt very fortunate for the opportunity to become a musician. His musical training opened many doors and it helped him out of the poverty and turmoil of war torn Greece during the 1940’s. Chris emigrated to Los Angeles where he became a successful businessman and now wishes to repay the kindness offered him by various benefactors by helping others learn music as he did.

Daly’s Greek army companion, Christos Bamiotes, a retired Lieutenant Colonel and a very skilled musician with 35 years experience in the Greek Air Force Band has been helping the Icarians re-organize their local band since last summer. Bamiotes visits the island several times each month to assist the band. Bamiotes informed Daly about the plight of the Icarian band and Daly took up the challenge immediately.

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