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Youngstown, Ohio / Chapter #1 Pramne

President: Aspasia Tourvas Elias

Akron, Ohio / Chapter #2 V.I. Chembithes

President: Katie Plakas

Cleveland, Ohio / Chapter #3 Pharos

President: Nick Tripodis

Warren, Ohio / Chapter #4 Daedalos

President: Theologos Facaros

New York, New York / Chapter #5 Pandiki

President: Chrissa Lefes

Steubenville, Ohio / Chapter #6 Doliche

President: Enza Anderson

Pittsburgh, PA / Chapter Icaros #7

President: Michelle Kotsagrelos

Chicago, Illinois / Chapter #8 Foutrides

President: Nicki Janis

Detroit, Michigan / Chapter #9 Spanos/Areti

President: Steve Papalas

Wilmington, North Carolina / Chapter #10 Therma

President: Vasili Brown

Northern California / Chapter #11 Lynchos

President: Dimitra Tsagris

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Chapter #12 Atheras

President: Yiannis Pasamihalis

New England / Chapter #13 Kountouma

President: Dena Skeadas

Southern California / Chapter #14 Oinoe

President: Alexandra Katsas

Port Jefferson, New York / Chapter #15 Nea Ikaria

President: Katerina Valosi

Washington-Baltimore / Chapter #16 Lefkas

President: Karen Kalantzis Christen

Columbus, Ohio / Chapter #17 Christ E. Aivaliotis

President: Carl Hollister

Clearwater, Florida / Chapter #19 Helios

President: Harry W. Portellos

Houston, Texas / Chapter #20 Kavo-Papas

President: Alex Saphos

Toronto, Ontario / Chapter #21 Nisos Ikaria

President: Renos Manolis

Montreal, Quebec / Chapter #22 Ikaros of Montreal

President: Irini Antypas

Atlanta, Georgia / Chapter #23 Langada

President: Steve Alexander

Parma, Ohio / Chapter #24 Drakanon

President: Alexia Gangos

Northwest, Indiana / Chapter #25 N’Ikaria

President: Maria Atsas

Upstate Buffalo New York / Chapter #26 Panagia

President: Theodore G Skaros

Norfolk, Virginia / Chapter #28 Irini

President: Sam Tripodis

Colorado Summit SW / Chapter #30 Aetheras

President: Maria Mantas

Membership Requirements: The membership of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood is open to anyone over 18 years of age (or their spouse) whose ancestry can be traced to the eastern Aegean Greek islands of Icaria or Fournoi.


Ikarians From Cities/Areas Without A Chapter: If you do not live near a listed City/Chapter, but still want to be a member to receive the Ikaria Magazine and stay informed and involved, then you can join as a “Member-At-Large” for $35. Choose this from the membership dropdown options.


Student Discount: Students with an active student email address can join with a special Student Discount rate of $25. Choose Student Discount from the membership options, and use your student email address when joining. Also make a note of your nearest Chapter. You will be part of and active in your local/nearest City Chapter.


Membership Includes: Participation in your local Chapter’s events, and a subscription to Ikaria Magazine, published four times a year. The magazine is a rich source of information about the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America. It will keep you up-to-date on activities and news of the Supreme Lodge and Foundation, our local chapters and their membership, and most importantly details of upcoming events, including our annual national convention, which convenes thousands of Pan-Icarian brothers and sisters!

If you cannot join or renew your membership here online, you can also make a check payable to the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America and mail to our Treasurer.

Pan-Icarian Brotherhood Chapter Membership Best Practices   9/19/2015