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If you are a member of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood, use the code or request the code at [email protected] 

To share chapter news, info, events, and more. 

To show what do, and what others do, and connect! 


It is not fully done yet, but early feedback is very useful and appreciated. And you’ve gotta start somewhere!

You must have an account to add content. Joining is free and takes less than 5 minutes. You must just have an invite, and you can request one from [email protected]

This is a time for grandkids to shine. Family members, especially anyone who knows how to edit a video (even just for tik-tok!), should do this. 

There are suggested questions and a link on where to upload the video here:  {fill}

Ask your chapter president. Then they can update your info. And then, you can help add and curate content for your chapter!