Each chapter will get their own:

  1. Website page that includes:
    1. Calendar of their own events and their own ability to sell tickets or offer RSVPs their own events – they just need a PayPal address.
    2. Their own picture galleries and/or videos
    3. Their own basics of: current officers, contact form
    4. (Non essential options: ?their own news/post updates, their own forum and ability to socialize online)

All that they need to do is have a content manager/person Update their content. ?(such as pictures)

Software, updates, online payments etc is all taken care of for them. They just need a PayPal account.

2. ?How To Add Content?

    1. Simply add it to Categories.
      1. Example – Christmas Party 2019 Pittsburgh would be added to Categories “Pittsburgh” and “Pictures” and “News”
      2. Chapter news would be added to categories “Pittsburgh” and “News”

Examples: ?

All Pan-Icarian Brotherhood news: https://pan-icarian.com/news/?

Draft Chapter mini websites/pages: https://pan-icarian.com/pittsburgh-chapter-icaros/? or ?https://pan-icarian.com/new-york-chapter-pandiki/

Draft Convention page: https://pan-icarian.com/2020-icarian-convention/?


Software needed and info:

Event Tickets

Community Tickets