2024 Convention In Atlanta, Georgia By Chapter Langada

Hello Pan-Icarian Brotherhood!

We are so excited to have you for the 2024 Atlanta Convention. We are so excited to be hosting you this year.

Included, is our Ad Book info page. Follow all the directions to pay for and submit ads to be featured in our ad book. 

For our hotel lobby slideshow, please send your favorite photos of Ikaria to [email protected].

Please help us with our planning by buying your ads, tickets and rooms as early as possible.

Please visit our website at ikariaatlanta.com to purchase tickets. Events are listed below.

Friday Night Bar Crawl – $20
Saturday Night Glendi – $35
Sunday Night Youth Banquet – $TBD
Sunday Night Banquet & Grand Ball – $TBD
Sunday Night Grand Ball Only – $35


Langada Chapter 23

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