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The membership of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood is open to anyone over 18 years of age (or their spouse) whose ancestry can be traced to the eastern Aegean Greek islands of Icaria or Fournoi.


Published four times a year, Ikaria Magazine is a comprehensive publication read by informed and involved members and Greek community leaders. It covers chapter news, cultural events, foundation business, and highlights Icarians from around the world on adventures and internships, serving their nation or community, practicing a sport or hobby, visiting unique or historic places, dancing, playing music or simply living life. Over 1,600 copies are mailed to households, and many others read the online edition.


In 1965 a tax exempt “Pan-Icarian Foundation” was established to administer the philanthropic endeavors of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood.

Since its inception the Foundation has distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical aid, scholarships, disaster relief, and other charitable causes in North America and Greece.


President Aspasia Tourvas Elias

chapter 1 youngstown ohio

President Katie Plakas

chapter 2 akron

President James Gemelas

chapter 3 cleveland

President Theologos Facaros

chapter 4 warren

President Basil Safos

chapter 5 new york new york

President Stacey Kotsanis

chapter 6 steubenville

President Joanne Melacrinos

chapter 7 pittsburgh

President John N Karnavas

chapter 8 chicago

President Stephen M. Papalas

chapter 9 detroit


chapter 10 wilmington nc

President Athanasia Córdova

chapter 11 northern california

President Kaliope Kokolis

chater 12 philadelphia

President Theodora Skeadas

new england chapter 13 kountouma

President Maria A. Katsas

chapter 14 southern california

President John Vardaros

chapter 15 port jefferson

President Demetra Tsantes

Washington Baltimore Chapter lefkas

President Aris Hutrias

chapter 17 columbus

President Harry W. Portellos

chapter 19 clearwater

President Alex Saphos

chapter 20 houston

President Renos Manolis

chapter 21 toronto

President Irini Antypas

chapter 22 montreal

President Scott W. Carroll

chapter 23 atlanta

President Marina Casey

chapter 24 parma ohio

President Argyro Tripodis

chapter 25 northwest indiana

President Theodore G Skaros

chapter 26 upstate new york

President Sam Tripodis

chapter 28 norfolk

President Maria Mantas

chapter 30 colorado

President Yianni Fragos


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