Pramne #1
Youngstown, Ohio


Welcome to the website of the very 1st chapter of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America!

We are so proud of this chapter and the progress made in recent years.

Our membership is steadily increasing, with more members attending meetings,

special events, and conventions. We are also strengthening our

youth membership and sending delegates to the annual youth conferences.



Pramne #1 Chapter Officers:

Check out our recent exciting times!

President Aspasia Tourvas Elias

*      Cleveland Youth Conference 2009

Vice President Anastasia Koutsounaris

*      Cleveland Convention 2009

Secretary Pauline Magoulakis

*      Florida Youth Conference 2010

Treasurer Jaclyn Sarah Elias

Look for more events and photos soon!


Any questions or comments about the site, please contact:

Jaclyn S. Elias, Webmaster