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Atlanta, Georgia


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Welcome to the Langada Chapter Website!

The Langada Chapter of the Pan-Ikarian Brotherhood of America was founded in 1995 with 15 charter members. As of now we are 55 members strong residing in Georgia and Alabama. We are located in and round the city of Atlanta, Georgia and west into Alabama. We welcome all Icarians in the area and surrounding suburbs to join us as members of our Chapter. Langada is part of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America "Icaros" The oldest Hellenic organization in the Western Hemisphere founded in 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Langada Chapter Officers for    2010-2011

President - Demos Galaktiadis

Vice President - George Hardaloupas

Treasurer-Bill Androutsopoulos

Rec.Secretary - Irene Mavroudis

Cor. Secretary - Irene Lafakis

Treasurer- Demos Galaktiadis


Photo Album

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from our own Ikaria.


Hello my name is Beth Sakoutis and I am a member of the Langada chapter from Atlanta, Georgia and I will be the Webmaster for this site. If you have any question or suggestion please email me.


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