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Welcome to the Kavo-Papas Houston, Texas Chapter Web site!

This web page is sponsored by Kavo-Papas #20 of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood. The Houston chapter was founded in 1984 and has a paid membership of 40.



Members of the 2006/2007 Kavo-Papas Houston Chapter

Members present at the first meeting of 2007 in the home of George and Maria Saphos


The 2007 officers of the Houston chapter of the Pan-Icarian Brotherhood are:

George Saphos - President
Giovanni Recine - Vice President
Melissa Saphos - Secretary
Kiki Tratras- Treasurer (not pictured)


Alex Saphos - Web Master

See what's new - Go to the Newsletters section to read recent articles (from the IKAPIA Magazine) on our chapter.

Capsule Story 1 We are sad to report the loss of three of our beloved members. In 2004, we lost Paul Saphos, Gus Mylonas and Kalliope Safos. They will be greatly missed. May their memories be eternal.

Capsule Story 2 On a joyful note, congratulations go to the family of John & Karla Saffos on the birth of their daughter, Emily. Although the family moved to Middle Dawn, Delaware at the end of the summer, we share in their joy.

8th Annual Bake Sale In November, we held our 8th Annual Bake Sale and are pleased to report record sales. The sale was chaired by Kim Tratras and Anna Sanctorum. As you can see from the pictures, the bake sale is not only a fundraiser, but an opportunity for future generations to learn traditional Greek recipes. Thank you to all members for their help and support.

2004 Christmas Party In December, a Christmas party was held in the home of Alex and Melissa Saphos. The celebration was complete with fun (a gift exchange!), fellowship and food (including a fried turkey!).


We look forward to a Happy and Healthy 2007 and wish the same to you!!


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