Pittsburgh Chapter Icaros
Pan-Icarian Brotherhood of America
749 East Railroad Avenue
Verona, PA 15147
Telephone: 412-828-2558

Chapter Icaros has a strong and active community, which is why we are consistently among the largest chapters.  For a history of our Chapter, click here.

Members meet on a monthly basis to discuss important issues and make key decisions. Gatherings, such as Sunday dinners and special events (e.g. Memorial Weekend Mini Convention, Greek Night, Santa Pizza Party, New Year's Eve Celebration, and Super Bowl Party), are held regularly. 

To view photos from various Chapter Icaros events, click here.

The following is a current listing of officers with email links:

President - Georgia Barlamas

Vice President/Vice President - Joanne Melacrinos

Treasurer - Nikolas Kouknas

Recording Secretary - Lisa Kefalos

Corresponding Secretary - Anna Aivaliotis

Youth Liaison - Katie Kefalos

Pittsburgh Chapter Icaros 7
hopes you enjoyed the
2015 Pan-Icarian Convention
as much as we enjoyed hosting!