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Icarian Historical Photos

[Icarian Picnic in Chicago 8/30/1936] August 30, 1936 Icarian Picnic in Chicago - medium photo or large photo. Courtesy of the Lila Mantas (Mantakounis) family of the first picnic of the Aristedes Foutrides Chapter originally of Indiana! Submitted by Leo G. Manta(kounis).

Peter and Vasiliki Tripodes, Gus & Sophia Tripodes, their children Peter, Vivian (Pastis) and Steven Tripodes, Mary Tripodes and her family, V.I. Chebithes, and Gust Horaites.
[1944 Ladies Auxiliary Pan-Icarian Brotherhood] 1944 Ladies Auxiliary Pan-Icarian Brotherhood
(Photo taken of the Cleveland chapter in the Cleveland Ahepa hall.

front row - little boy: Peter J. Tripodes
first row seated (L to R) - Theofania Economou, Vassiliki Tripodes, Despina Pastis, Artemis Krokos, Joy Tripodes, Mary Tripodes
second row standing (L to R) - Jenny Pastis, Androniki Simakis, Katina Panteladis, Aspasia Glaros, Eleni Poulos, Melahrini Melonas, Leona Katsaros
back row standing (L to R) - Anna Parianos, Anastasia Moraitis, Koula Andrioitis, Caliope Tripodes, Alicia Koutsouflakis, Sophie Tripodes, Mary Collaros, Bessie Collaros (Photo courtesy of Mary Tripodes.)
[Pittsburgh Icarian Chapter] Early 1900's Pittsburgh Icarian Picnic
(Pittsburgh Icarian Brotherhood Picnic - Early 1900's. Photo courtesy of Nick Achidafty)
[1919 Icarian Christmas Dinner] 1919 Icarian Christmas Dinner
(Icarian Christmas Dinner, honoring Aristides Phoutrides, Pittsburgh, PA - December 1919. Photos courtesy of Mary Bonapate.)
[Papa Ioannis & Alethini Tripodes] Papa Ioannis & Alethini Tripodes
(Papa Ioannis & Alethini Tripodes, c. 1899, in the village of Kosikia, Icaria)
[Paris and Joy Tripodes] Paris and Joy Tripodes

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